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News and Events

Sept. 7 at midnight will be the last day to enter the State Fair of Louisiana’s Livestock Show online. Registration papers must be in our office for all breeding animals by OCT. 1ST. Papers can be mailed, emailed or faxed. If emailing please send to felicia@statefairoflouisiana.com. One more bit of information, this year when you register online you must pay online.

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Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2020

First release from Airport Blvd. to NRG: Monday March 2 7 a.m.
Must be in place at Airport Blvd. no later than: Monday March 2 Noon
Check-In at Livestock Superintendent on east
side of Main Cattle Arena: Monday March 2 3 p.m.
Weigh/Measure Tuesday March 3 7 a.m. – on the Back Dock
Open Show Wednesday March 4 11 a.m.
Begin Release Wednesday March 4 Upon completion of show
Must Be Out By Wednesday March 4 7 p.m.

This show is subject to the Houston Livestock Show General Rules and Regulations, the All Breeding Beef Cattle

Aberdeen Up DATE !!!

I have just returned from the American Aberdeen Association National Show and Sale in Denver. It was good to see several of our SABA members present and involved in the activities. Our own Dr. Craig Walker of Roswell, NM was elected President of the AAA board. He is energized and ready to make a big difference in the operation of the entire American Aberdeen Association. The featured speaker at both the annual banquet and annual membership meeting was Paul Moya, a Business Strategy Expert and Futurist best known for his role as CEO of Millennial Labs. Paul, a native of New Mexico, has had a major impact as he encourages major corporations to interpret and act on human behavior in the workplace, marketplace and voting booth. He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies such as Visa, Honda Motors, Nestle and the United States Department of Defense. I’m not sure of the root of his connections with the Aberdeen industry, but he is quite knowledgeable of our cattle and is a believer that our breed is “readymade” to fit the desires and needs of today’s consumers typified by the millennial generation. His presentation was recorded and will be available soon for viewing by anyone wishing to see it for themselves.
For the first time, I see a major change coming to the American Aberdeen Association as it transitions from a top-down to a bottom-up organization. At the annual meeting, the membership, being encouraged by the board of directors, voted to restructure and reorganize all of the national committees to be composed of members appointed by the regional associations and open to anyone who has interest in those areas. This is really big! It means that the voice of the little guy will be be allowed to speak to situations that are of concern to him/her. Motions and suggestions will come from the committees to the board for consideration.

ABERDEEN UPDATE  https://southernaberdeen.com/blog/2019/aberdeen-up-date/

Because of the change, there will be a list of committees coming out soon. If you have an interest in any of those areas, this is your opportunity to either be a committee member or to sit in on committee meetings and voice ideas that you are passionate about. Now, it does not mean that you will get your way on everything, but you have never even had an opportunity before.

The regional associations are also encouraged to have a similar approach to their own committees. As president, I am going to ask you to consider your role in the regional committees that will be presented at the SABA annual meeting in Houston. Committee members at both the national and regional levels will be accountable for attendance at the meetings (webinars) as well as responsible and available for assignments and tasks regarding those committees.

As I said, this is a very big change. I’m sure there will be some bumps and pitfalls, but, things are going to get better!

Our SABA annual membership meeting will be held in conjunction with the International Aberdeen Show February 25-27 at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. That meeting will be on the afternoon of February 26th. I hope that many of you will attend and be prepared to ask questions. Our AAA president, Craig will be there to speak to us and answer further questions you might have regarding the above mentioned changes.

I want to remind all of you that 2019 dues should be in by now. If you want your name to stay on the membership directory on the website, those need to be paid this week.

Here are the results of the election that was held this past fall for the three positions on the 2019 SABA Board of Directors.

Barbie Barton 26 votes

Chris Spear 25 votes

Dana Baldridge 23 votes

Richard LaBiche 15 votes

Congratulations to Barbie, Chris and Dana for running and being elected. My thanks also to Richard for his three years work on the board.

Here’s hoping to see all of you in Houston.

Bill Cabaniss, president

Southern Aberdeen Breeders Association

Discover American Aberdeen Cattle : here is a link to videos about the cattle and the utilization in today’s cattle industry

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Classifieds are not just for cattle

Everyone please note Classifieds are not just for cattle. Please feel free to list Cattle, Hay, Equipment, Trailers, Trucking anything with in reason. No calves will be listed for sale unless sold as a pair unless weaned and ready to sale.  Effective immediately there will be no semen listings allowed on the Classified page. If you wish to list semen out of your bull for sale please submit it for a fee under bull semen listings.


If you don’t see your add on classifieds within 2-3 business days please feel free to email Chris Spear at Chris.spear.1@gmail.com There could be communication errors in the system.

How Much Can I Sell My American Aberdeen For ???

In today’s market common mistakes that face each one of us is what is my cattle worth? Should I be paying for my cow with her first off spring? What is my bull worth? Should I be marketing bulls. Here is a great article from Bill about valuing your livestock and adapting your prices to the industry demand.

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Consignment Sales – Are They For You???

I want to sale in a sale but don’t know where to start. This article I got from Larry is some food for thought about consigning your livestock to a sale.

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Why American Aberdeen ???

The American Aberdeen breed offers several benefits. These include calving ease, greater efficiency, higher stocking rates, lower cost to maintain, moderation of frame size, both commercial and homestead or self-sufficiency production, the ability to finish on grass, and ideal carcass traits. This article will help you / help you educate potential buyers

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Southern Aberdeen Breeders Association

Welcome to Southern Aberdeen Breeders Association, SABA for short. SABA has been organized to promote the recognition, popularity, and marketability of American Aberdeen cattle in the southwestern U.S., including the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. This site will provide you with answers to your cattle raising questions, as well as information regarding the profitable raising and grazing of Aberdeen Cattle.

Congratulations to our members who made the top ten in the state. Maggie Isgren, Ashley Naquin, Kamryn Glaze, Anthony Naquin, Christopher Garcia...
Club Mandate
EDUCATION: about the Aberdeen breed, best practices in buying, selling, and raising.
PROMOTION: of the breed and of our region's breeders
STANDARDS: setting ideals for our cattle and for our association members
COMMUNICATION: working together to build a strong market and a trusted product
INTEGRITY: commitment to honesty and fairness with each other and with everyone with whom we deal.