Fullblood Aberdeen Cattle

Joel Overton
1040 FM 983
Ferris,  TX 75125
Phone: 2149495868
Email – sandjoverton@netzero.com

We have three fullblood cows (all exposed, so should be bred), including one with a 4 month old heifer calf by her side, and two fullblood bulls – a 2 1/2 year old and an 8 month old – all priced for a quick sale.  Details are as follows:

1.    GAR Shania T – Reg. No. FF21927: Fullblood 6 year old cow; EXTREMELY GENTLE, the most gentle cow I have ever been around; loves to be petted – she is truly \”puppy dog\” gentle and a terrific example of the Aberdeen breed; has had three calves, including her daughter, GAR T Wynette (listed below), and her son from early this spring, GAR Hank W (also listed below); Shania is a terrific mother; she has been exposed to a couple of our breeding bulls and appears to be very pregnant now.

2.    GAR T Wynette – Reg. No. FF38232: Fullblood 3 year old cow; Wynette was Shania\’s first calf and is almost as gentle as Shania; Wynette is a new, first time momma with a 4 month old very nice Fullblood heifer calf by her side; Wynette is a very good momma, just like her own momma, Shania – in fact, Wynette has inherited most of Shania\’s excellent traits; Wynette has been exposed to several of our breeding bulls and is likely already (or very soon will be) bred back.

3.    GAR Tanya T – Reg. No. FF38606: Fullblood 3 and 1/2 year old cow; very gentle – not quite \”puppy dog\” gentle like Shania and Wynette but given a little more time and attention will likely become that way; Tanya has had one calf – a bull from early this spring that we are keeping as a steer; Tanya is an excellent momma; she has also been exposed to several of our breeding bulls and appears to be very pregnant now.

4.    GAR Bocephus – Reg. No. FM 38607: Fullblood 2 and 1/2 year old bull; he is out of our extremely virile herd bull Josh T, who is also super gentle; Bocephus has great confirmation, is easy to handle, ready to go to work and should be an excellent breeding bull.

5.    GAR Hank W – Reg. No. FM 38605: Fullblood 8 month old bull; he is also out of our extremely virile and very gentle herd bull Josh T; Hank is every bit as \”puppy dog\” gentle as his momma Shania T; Hank has great confirmation and a stocky build that suggests he is going to be a big fellow; he is very curious and loves to be around people; should make an excellent herd bull.

Prices are:

1.    GAR Shania T – $1800

2.    GAR T Wynette, plus heifer calf by her side – $2200

3.    GAR Tanya T – $1600

4.    GAR Bocephus – $1400

5.    GAR Hank W – $1000

Will discuss a package discount for purchases of more than two.  Delivery can be arranged for a reasonable fee.  Additional photos available upon request.  Note, photos with ad were taken after a recent rain so the cattle are a little muddy in the photos!  Contact me anytime with any questions

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