by admin | Published June 6, 2021

We have a nice size herd of approximately 70 head of registered, fullblood cattle with a great selection of different bloodlines to help get you started with your own herd or to help add to your current herd.


We have spent the last several years bringing in cattle from across the US and Canada to assemble a high quality herd with genetic diversity.


We make every effort to do as much as we can to make you more successful by:

– DNA testing and registering cattle prior to sale

– vaccinating and worming 2 times a year

– BVD PI checking all of our cattle

– providing pregnancy reports from A&M on bred females

– performing seasonal breeding for spring or fall calves to avoid hot summers in Texas

– utilizing multiple bulls for herd diversification



NOTE:  Red bull in photo is sire to these 2 young bull calves.

  1. FM43229 AD Hank DOB 09/11/20 $2500 Black Red Gene Carrier (e-true red gene)

(Note he is a high strung if penned on his own without other cattle.)

  1. FM43232 AD Hans DOB 10/23/20 $2500 Black Red Gene Carrier (e-true red gene)

Contact me and let me know what you are looking for.   Will see if we have what you are looking for female wise.

Cattle are located near Brenham, TX.


Amy Krause
279 River Oaks Drive
Cedar Creek, TX  78612
Phone: 512-565-4095
Email – amy@amykrause.com




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