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SABA-  Inaugural Peak Efficiency Sale
September, 30th 2017 — 5pm CDT

H2 Ranch Sale Facility
10819 S Rose Rd
Perkins Oklahoma

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Holiday In Express & Suites
A block of rooms has been reserved. Please make reservations before September 21, 2017.
Ask for the SABA rate of $95/night

09/14/2017 : Several Young Bulls For Sale From Various Bloodlines

Amy Krause
279 River Oaks Drive
Cedar Creek, TX  78612
Phone: 512-565-4095
Email –
SEVERAL YOUNG BULLS FOR SALE FROM VARIOUS BLOODLINES.   They are tattooed, DNA tested, registered, wormed, and vaccinated.

1. Jackaroo\’s Royal Ryder – FM24795 – 06/04/14 – $5000
Bull out of highly sought after Jackaroo bloodline with incredible bloodlines throughout his pedigree. Great temperament. Will take cubes from your hand. Let\’s you brush him when laying down. Easy with the ladies. Tag #10 Yellow.
2. Kerr Creek Cosmo – FM29386 – 12/03/15 – REDUCED – $1000 Priced lower due to smaller frame. Perfect for very small females. Out of a red bull. He is black. Tag #18 White
3. AD Dante – FM31463 – 06/08/16 – $2250
Above average quality and good disposition. Out of red bull. He is black. Tag #2 Orange
4. AD Dominic – FM31468 – 08/01/16 – $1500
Good disposition. Out of red bull. He is black. Tag #5 Orange
5. AD Deacon – FM33245 – 12/21/16 – $1750
Really nice quality and disposition. Out of red bull. He is black. Tag #13 Orange
6. Kerr Creek Enoch – FM32521 – 01/04/17 – $1750
Really nice quality. Tag #1 Red
7. AD Edison – FM33249 – 03/10/17 – $1500
Young black bull with Jackaroo in bloodline. Tag #5 Red.
8. AD Easton – FM33250 – 03/11/17 – $1500
Young black bull with Jackaroo in bloodline. Tag #6 Red.


08/31/2017 : Herd Sellout

Jonathan Wilk
P.O Box 83/ 2797 S.E. 12th
Washington, OK  73093
Phone: 405-550-6365
Email –
Entire herd sellout, 9 young bred moderator cows, 2 fullblood bred cows, 3 spring heifer calves, 3 open yearling heifer calves, and 1 nice moderator bull. Great cows I have just ran out of time to keep up with them and the kids. Package deal for all 18 head, $20,000.00 this is a super deal. I have 20 tons of alfalfa available if needed only if you take the entire herd.

08/30/2017 : Mixed Lot for sale

Tom Bradfield
18200 Hamilton Pool Rd
Austin, TX  78738-7012
Phone: 512-431-6446
Email –
6 Heifers.  2 Unregistered full blood $1500.ea  11/2 yr. 2 unregistered 3/4 lowline 2yr  1500 ea  2 Registered full blood 1 yr $2000.ea
6 registered fullblood bulls 2yrs. $1200. Call or e-mail for more info

08/24/2017 : Fullblood Pair for sale

Bob Rainey
31004 Stillwater Ct
Georgetown, TX 78628
Phone: 512-818-1201
Email –
Registered Fullblood Aberdeen Angus cow/calf pair – $3000
Frisco (FF21573), DOB 11/27/13, and her newborn little bull calf, born 8/4/17, are offered for sale as a pair for $3000.  Frisco is very docile and an excellent mama.  Very nice pair.  Delivery possible.  Let\’s talk.  Call Bob 512-818-1201

08/14/2017 : Fullblood Cow for sale

William Cabaniss
1215 County Road 415
Taylor, TX  76574
Phone: 512-627-5443
Email –
For Sale: Fullblood American Aberdeen.  Pecan Creek Avery 57B FF 23180.  Birthdate: March 2, 2014  Pasture bred to Ausmerica Zeuss Z038 and due for a mid-February calf.   She is a moderate sized Aberdeen sired out of Ausmerica Xtreme X012.  Gentle and loves attention. $2,800.00

08/14/2017 : Fullblood Cow and Heifer

1465 Deer Forest Dr
Pipe Creek, TX  78063
Phone: 2108542471
Email –

DOB: 7/21/2014
Dam: HPL Fantasia
Sire: Showstopper

Moolan is a fullblood cow who still has her heifer Mooana at her side. This was her first calf and she proved to have very good maternal instincts. Moolan is calm and gentle, easily handled. Available in September after weaning unless purchasing with the calf, PYB Mooana.

PACKAGE DEAL: PYB Moolan and PYB Mooana together, $5,000.
DOB: 3/16/2017
Dam: PYB Moolan
Sire: PYB Marcus
Available in September after weaning unless purchased with her dam PYB Moolan.

PACKAGE DEAL: PYB Moolan and PYB Mooana together, $5,000.


08/10/2017 : Aberdeen Herd Reduction Sale

Joel Overton
Address: 1040 FM 983
Ferris , TX  75125
Phone: 2149495868
Email –

Selling a number of Aberdeen cows, some with young heifer calves by their side, as well as several 1 – 2 year old heifers.  Have fullblood, purebred, percentages and one half blood cow.  Heifers are either fullblood, purebred or percentage (75%).  Some of the younger calves have not yet been registered.  All cows have been exposed to one of our two herd bulls and all should be pregnant.  All of our cows are gentle, some are like big puppy dogs – just wanting to be loved on.  Our bulls are very gentle as well.  All are priced to move – older cows start at $1,000 and cow calf pairs start at $1600.  Discounts available for purchases of 3 or more.  Cows are located just outside of Ferris, TX (20 miles south of Dallas).


06/23/2017 : Red Fullblood Bull

Bryan & Linda Butler
2981 FM138
Garrison TX 75946
(936)931-8118 Bryan Cell     or     (713)444-2280 Linda Cell


LA Cardinal II 30D FM29711, FOR SALE $4300. October 2016-Won Grand Champion Cow-Calf with Red Sapphire; and 1st place Full Blood Spring Bull Calf at the American Royal, at 7 mos. old. He is now 15 months old. We have too many bulls and must let him go. He will be a great herd bull. Cardy2(our nic-name) is very masculine and trying to breed our heifers; but the breeding is too close for our herd. Grab this great bull, the spitting image and (cooperative, docile) personality of his sire. We love our herd bull Cardinal who has sired 36 great calves. His dam has given us numerous championship calves. Cardy2 comes with very good lineage. (DOB 03/03/2016 ‚¬ €œ MA Cardinal 70U X Lazy G Red Sapphire) Picture taken June 6, 2017.      


06/23/2017 : Purebred cows with calfs

Frank Gaddy
MANOR, TX 78653Her name is TAMMY. Her reg.# is PF8397. She is a black polled cow. She is sweet and gentle. Easy to lead with shaking of cubes.
She is expose to our Fullblood Lowline Angus : Abe Lincoln  Reg.# FM22936
Her bull calf was born:4-16-17.   Price: $1750.00
For sale: Pureblood cow and heifer calf
This is a white face polled cow Tag 06u call KITTY. She is reg.# PF8398  JAM06U Born: 3-30-2008. Her heifer was born: 5-1-17. Heifer has a white crow and a touch of white on her lip.   Price: $2000.00  Call Frank 512-971-4091  Dolly 512-934-7370

06/19/2017 : Fullblood Bull for sale

LM Cattle Company
5133 Hillias Rd
Jennings, La
Phone (979)204-9712
Email (

This bull has performed well at livestock shows in Louisiana and Texas. He is very clean fronted,

structurally correct, long body and has a great disposition. He is ready to go to work on your cows and

heifers to produce high quality Aberdeen Fullblood and Purebred/Percentage Cattle. Price $5,500.00

BVC PEABODY (FM 30065) DOB 9/12/2015.

06/07/2017 : Fullblood Heifer

BAD Ranch
Brien Adams
P.O. Box 1316
Angleton Texas 77516
email :



Fullblood Heifer
BAD April   FF 29160
DOB   4/1/2016
2017 HLSR   Reserve Champion Fullblood   Heifer Calf
2016 Brazoria County Reserve Champion Breed
Asking $4000


This little heifer will be available right after the Jr National Lowline show.   She is going to be a hard one to let go of however; the proceeds from her purchase will be used to support the   BAD Ranch Jr show team with their future animals and shows.   Current exhibitor has a new prospect she will be starting to work with so April needs a new home.

She has been pasture exposed to   % bull Mr. Independence MM 23005.

She is one that is ready to continue her show career or just add to your herd.


Dam: BB Paisley Girl   FF 23885 (2015 Brazoria County Jr Breeding   Grand Champion Lowline)

Sire: EZ Top Gun 18T ( also sired   BAD Millie    2017 HLSR   Champion Fullblood Senior Heifer Calf)

05/27/2017 : Fullblood Bulls For Sale

Amy Krause
279 River Oaks Drive
Austin,  TX  78612
Phone: 512-565-4095
Email –

1)Kerr Creek Cosmo – FM29386 – 12/03/15 – $1500 -Priced lower due to smaller frame.   Perfect for very small females. Out of a red bull. He is black. Tag #18 White
2) AD Dante – FM31463 – 06/08/16 – $2250 Above average quality and good disposition. Out of red bull. He is black. Tag #2 Orange
3)AD Dominic – FM31468 – 08/01/16 – $1750- Good quality and disposition. Out of red bull. He is black. Tag # 5 Orange
4)  AD Dakota – FM31471 – 08/14/16 – $1500 Out of first year heifer. Needs some time to fill out.   Out of son of a Jackaroo bull. Real sweetheart. Tag #8 Orange
5) Registration In Process – 12/21/16   – $1750.   Really nice quality.   Out of red bull.   He is black.   Tag #13 Orange
6)  Registration in Process – 01/04/17   – $1750. Really nice quality.   Red Tag #1


Cattle are located near Brenham, TX.  Email, text, or call with any questions.


05/14/2017 : Purebred 3 in 1

Frank Gaddy
21311 Melber Ln
Manor,  TX  78653
Phone: 512-971-4091
Email –
Lowline Angus Cow With bull calf.
Blue Beauty is her name and registered as Pureblood female. Reg.# PF8304
She is black and polled and very gentle.
Born: 6-26-08 Her bull calf is tag#86 He was born: 1-22-17 Sire: F.G. Abe Lincoln reg.# FM22936
Selling as a pair for $1750.00


05/14/2017 : Purebred 3 in 1

Frank Gaddy
21311 Melber Ln
Manor,  TX    78653
Phone: 512-971-4091
Email –
Lowline Angus Cow with Bull Calf
She is a registered Lowline Pureblood Female. Registration# PF12339
Her Name is F.G. Dolly She has a good bloodline.
The bull calf is Lowline Angus Pureblood. He is full of energy and stout. Born: 2-1-17
Sire: FM22936 F.G. Abe Lincoln

04/24/2017 : Halfblood Bull For sale

James Lieb
9414 Co Rd E
Stinnett ,TX 79083
Phone: 806-878-3661
Email –
I have a 2 year old half blood Lowline Angus bull for sale. He has been trich and fertility tested.    Well mannered bull. $2000.00.

04/12/2017 : Full Blood Bulls for Sale

Mickey Buckmaster
Peacefield Farms
Porter, OK


Little Rickey FM 10961 DOB 5/21/10 – $1,500 Rickey has been our herd bull.   He’s done great, just need some new blood.   Would love to trade him for someone needing same.

All of these guys are either registered or register-able as fullblood Lowline Angus.

04/08/2017 : Fullblood and Percentage Bulls for sale

Fullblood and Percentage Bulls for sale

R54 Lowlines
102 Blaschke Road
Comfort, Texas 78013

Here is an awesome opportunity to pick out your next herd sire from a great lineup of bulls.  We also have a power house of commercial bulls to choose from as well.  It is hard to find all of this under one roof.  Combine them with any females that are for sale and receive a discount.  For individual pictures and information, don’t hesitate to call or contact Ross at 210-445-7293.

#138 – 15/16 Lowline Angus – Demolition Son –  $2000

#136  – Fullblood Rusty Son –  $4000

#106 – 7/8 Lowline Angus Demolition Son- Possible Red Gene Carrier- Perfect Commercial Bull – $3000

#112 – Fullblood Demolition Son – Red Gene Carrier – $3500

#118 – Fullblood Demolition Son – $2500

#104 – Fullblood Demolition Son- Red Gene Carrier – If you want to play in the red business, this is the bull – $6000

#137 – 3/4 Lowline Angus Demolition Son – Possible Red Gene Carrier – $2750

04/08/2017 : Cow/Calf Pairs For Sale

Cow/Calf Pairs For Sale

R54 Lowlines
102 Blaschke Rd
Comfort TX 78013
Ross at 210-445-7293

We currently have several great cow/calf pairs available for sale.  Some of these cows may be bred back to Alta Demolition.     All unbred cows will come with 2 straws of Alta Demolition.  You now have a great opportunity to get a 3 for 1 deal. Prices  range from $2600 to $3700 for the pairs.  All calves have a chance to carry the true red gene.  For details, please don’t hesitate to call or text Ross at 210-445-7293.