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11/14/2018 : Moderator Bulls For Sale

Amy Krause
279 River Oaks Drive
Cedar Creek ,TX  78612
Phone: 512-565-4095
Email –
1. Bar N Surprise – MM34771 – Moderator Plus – DOB 07/31/17
Black baldie with black rings around eyes. Dam is fullblood Aberdeen. Sire is registered Hereford. Laid back and easy going young bull. Naturally polled. $2000

2.  AD Enzo – MM33251 – Moderator Plus – DOB 03/28/17
This guy is gorgeous and a real sweetheart.  You can pet him, brush him, and approach him anywhere in pasture.  Great leader to move cattle from pasture to pasture.  His sire is a gorgeous brangus bull. His dam is a beautiful british white (Park)/Aberdeen cross (50%/50%). Must go to a good home. Have had lots of calves and this is a special one and will make someone a wonderful herd sire. Naturally polled. $2500

Cattle are located near Brenham, Texas.

11/14/2018 : Fullblood Aberdeen Cattle For Sale

Amy Krause
279 River Oaks Drive
Cedar Creek, TX  78612
Phone: 512-565-4095
Email –

We have approximately 80 head of registered, fullblood, Aberdeen cattle.  I have spent the last several years attending shows and auctions across the US to study the breed and breeders to assemble a high quality herd with genetic diversity.

We make every effort to do as much as we can to make you more successful by:
– DNA testing and registering cattle prior to sale
– vaccinating and worming 1-2 times a year
– BVD checking all of our cattle
– providing copy of pregnancy reports from A&M on bred females
– performing seasonal breeding for spring or fall calves to avoid hot summers in Texas
– utilizing multiple bulls for herd diversification
Let me know what you are looking for, and I will let you know what I have that may meet your needs. Have everything from 6-18 month old heifers, to exposed heifers/cows, to verified bred heifers/cows and some pairs. Prices start at $2000.
1. FM24795 – Jackaroo\’s Royal Ryder – DOB 06/04/14 – $4000
This is a direct son of Jackaroo with an incredible pedigree. Semen from Jackaroo just sold at the Missouri sale for $900 PER STRAW.  He is a sweetheart. I have had him since he was born. Loves to be brushed.
2. FM 24394 – 7C Boonedock 104B – DOB 09/20/14 – $3500
This is a son of MRG Peter. Check out his pedigree. Easy going bull. Prior owner paid $6000 for him when he was about 18 months old and sold to me due to owner\’s illness.
3. FM33249 – AD Edison (Red Tag 5) – DOB 03/10/17 – $2250
4. FM33250 – AD Easton (Red Tag 6) – DOB 03/11/17 – $2250
5. FM34852 – AD Emmett (Red Tag 14)- DOB 07/22/17 – $2250

Cattle are located near Brenham, TX.


10/24/2018 : Yearling Bulls for Sale

Scott Ringnald  Ringnald Ranch lp.
4179 county rd 606
Hamilton, TX  76531
Phone: 254-784-0011
Email –
5- 90% plus purebred bull calves for sale or trade. Registration is in process.$ 1100 EACH. Call Dennis and leave message. 254-784-0011

10/17/2018 : Fullblood Bulls For Sale

Thomas Bradfield
Address: 18200 Hamilton Pool Rd
Austin, TX  78738-7012
Phone: 512-431-6446
Email –
4 Fullblood Registered Black Aberdeen Bulls , 2 to 2 1/2 yrs gentle,eat out of your hand. Nice bulls.  $ 1200.  Call for more info


10/12/2018 :

Justin Turley
Address: 1156 Deer Forest Dr W
City: Pipe Creek
State/Prov: TX
Zip/Postal Code: 78063
Phone: 615-605-6006
Email –
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Justin Turley Graphic Design
(615) 605-6006

10/12/2018 : Steers and Cows For Sale

Brian Jackson
184 CR 525
Sweeny, TX 77480
Phone: 9797996361
Email –
3 Purebred steers for sale, (2) black 9 months old, (1) red and a year old. $350/each
3 heavy-bred Aberdeen cows, (2) 3/4 Aberdeen, (1) full Aberdeen $2500/each or $6800/for all bred cows.

09/21/2018 : Fullblood Bulls For Sale

Mike and Kelley Kincade

3 Heifers & a Bull Ranch

New Waverly, Texas


Two herd bulls available. Our lead herd bull, Fernando, has been a great producer and very gently, however too many of his offspring from last several years so we need to swap out. Also a 2 year old now ready to take a lead. Both DNA tested and registered. Pictures of Fernando and one of his calves as an example.

Fernando   FM15310   DOB  04/01/11   $2000 obo    Blood line; Double J’s The Brick ,                                           .                                                                                                   Colombo Park ZeffirelliUno                   FM33051              DOB  09/21/16    $1500 obo

09/21/2018 : Red Fullblood Bull For Sale

Chip Harris
927 WPA Road
Sumrall ,MS  39482
Phone: 601-307-8756
Email –
For Sale:  Red Fullblood Bull.   FM36783.  DOB: 01/15/18.

$2,500.00.  Call for more information.

Contact Information:

09/20/2018 : Percentage Heifer For Sale

Linda Kaiser
PO Box 642
Center Point,  TX 78010
Phone: 830-634-3168
Email –

This heifer is 15/16th Reg # PF 35341 DOB: 3/17/2017
Sire: Wildes Brenton Magic 930 Dam: Wildes Ms Brenton 11
ALK MS MAGIC is easy to handle and a very pretty girl recently exposed
Asking $2000.00 Delivery can be discussed

09/20/2018 : Fullblood Bull For Sale

Linda Kaiser
PO Box 642
Center Point , TX  78010
Phone: 830-634-3168
Email –

DOB: 2/28/2017 Reg.# FM 36187 Sire:Widles Magic Brenton 930 Dam: Wildes MS Moray Jambaroo 15
This young man is very easy to handle and a very nice looking gentleman.
Contact: ALK Lowlines,Allen or Linda Kaiser at 830-634-3168 Email:
Asking $1500.00

09/08/2018 : Fullblood Bull for sale

Jay Beatty
820 paint brush
Temple, TX 76502
Phone: 254-258-5854
Email –
Full Blood Bull for sale.  Remi born 3/27/15.  Sire is Cletus, a Ardrosson Neron son and Dame is Hot Senorita, a Doc Holiday daughter.  Hot Senorita was the reserve champion in the American Royal show held in Kansas City.  Remi is a good looking bull which would make an excellent addition to your herd.  Priced at $2500 with free delivery within 150 miles.

09/08/2018 : Fullblood Bulls

Jay Beatty
820 paint brush
Temple, TX  76502
Phone: 254-258-5854
Email –
Full Blood Bulls for sale.  We currently have 3 bulls which were born in 2014 which would make good herd sires.
JRB Pistol B4 registration FM24973 sire is sully a Bramblettye son, JRB Winchester B8 FM 24978 and Jrb Remington FM24975.  Both these bulls are sired by Cletus who is a Ardrosson Neron son.  All have good genetics and are good looking animals.  Your pick.  I am planning on keeping one to be my next herd sire. They are priced at $1800 each.  Delivery is free within 150 miles.

09/05/2018 : Cattle For Sale

Ross Pfeifer – R54 Livestock
102 Blaschke Road
Comfort, TX  78013
Phone: 210-445-7293
Email –

We have large variety of high quality Bulls, Cows and Heifers for sale at the moment. They range from 1/2 blood to full blood American Aberdeen. All animals are either registered or in the process. Most are from championship bloodlines.

Bulls -Breeding age bulls range from $1600 to $3000. These low birth weight bulls are ideal to cover your heifers AND give you a product to sell in the long run. The majority of all of these bulls are 100% Angus/Aberdeen. Zero lack of quality. These are bulls that have been hand selected to remain intact.

Cows-We have several bred cows for sale. The cows range from 50% to Fullblood Aberdeen Lowline. Call for pricing.

Heifers – We have several weaned and yearling heifers that are ready to go. These heifers are red or black. We are testing for the red gene in all of our black females. Fullblood heifers start at $1500. Call or text for details.

08/27/2018 : Aberdeen Cattle Herd

Frank Gaddy
21311 Melber Ln
Manor, TX  78653
Phone: 5129714091
Email –
Aberdeen Angus Cattle Herd – $10,000
Seven Cows One Bull Four heifer calves One bull calf
BNB SUZIE Q Tag:04W BORN:8-9-09 Reg#FF9801 is bred has heifer calf born:1-28-18
FG TERRY Tag:136D BORN:3-2-1 Reg#FF32410 heifer calf born:7-12-18 Sire: Lincoln
FG CAROLA HALEY Tag:125C BORN:8-20-15 Reg#FF28943 heifer calf born:7-24-18 Sire:Lincoln
FG Gwen Tag:135D BORN:2-17-16 Reg#FF31291 heifer calf born: 7-6-18 Sire: Lincoln
FG Sharon Tag:132C BORN:10-25-15 Reg#FF32409 bull calf born:3-15-18 Sire: Odin
FG TERRA VISA Tag:122C Born:5-28-15 REG#FF28941 heifer calf born:9-1-18
FG DOLLY Tag#05X Born: 5-3-10 Reg.#PF12339
Six Months Bred same bull \”Lincoln
FG Abe Lincoln Tag:83B Reg:FM22936
Lincoln is not related to cows just baby calves.
Price: $10,000.00 with a Purebred cow add to it.

08/24/2018 : Web Sites, Logos & Graphic Design Services

Justin Turley
1156 Deer Forest Dr W
Pipe Creek, TX 78063
Phone: 615-605-6006

Have cows but no web site? Need a logo? Need business cards? With over 12 years\’ experience, we can meet your graphic design needs for these and more, including: brochures, letterhead, flyers, photo retouching, magazine ads, web ads & graphics, car decals, billboards, and much more