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04/17/2019 : Fullblood Aberdeen Cattle For Sale

Amy Krause
279 River Oaks Drive
Cedar Creek , TX  78612
Phone: 512-565-4095
Email – amy@amykrause.com
We have approximately 65-70 head of registered, fullblood, Aberdeen cattle.  I have spent the last several years attending shows and auctions across the US to study the breed and breeders to assemble a high quality herd with genetic diversity.

We make every effort to do as much as we can to make you more successful by:
– DNA testing and registering cattle prior to sale
– vaccinating and worming 1-2 times a year
– BVD checking all of our cattle
– providing copy of pregnancy reports from A&M on bred females
– performing seasonal breeding for spring or fall calves to avoid hot summers in Texas
– utilizing multiple bulls for herd diversification

Let me know what you are looking for, and I will let you know what I have that may meet your needs. Have everything from 6-18 month old heifers, to exposed heifers/cows, to verified bred heifers/cows, and pairs. Prices start at $2000 and go to $3750.

1. FM24795 – Jackaroo’s Royal Ryder – DOB 06/04/14 – $4000
This is a direct son of Jackaroo with an incredible pedigree. Semen from Jackaroo sold at the Missouri sale in November for $900 and in the South Dakota sale for $1000 PER STRAW.  He is a sweetheart. I have had him since he was born. Loves to be brushed.
2. FM 24394 – 7C Boonedock 104B – DOB 09/20/14 – $3500
This is a son of MRG Peter. Check out his pedigree. Easy going bull. Prior owner paid $6000 for him when he was about 18 months old and sold to me due to owner’s illness.
3. FM33249 – AD Edison (Red Tag 5) – DOB 03/10/17 – $1750 – REDUCED
4. FM33250 – AD Easton (Red Tag 6) – DOB 03/11/17 – $1750 – REDUCED
5. FM34852 – AD Emmett (Red Tag 14)- DOB 07/22/17 – $1750 – REDUCED
6. FM38335 – AD Ferdinand (Green Tag 6) – DOB 05/15/18 – $2000 (Sire is MCR All Jacked Up)

Cattle are located near Brenham, TX.

04/17/2019 : Moderator Bulls For Sale

Amy Krause
279 River Oaks Drive
Cedar Creek ,TX  78612
Phone: 512-565-4095
Email – amy@amykrause.com

1.  Enzo – MM33251 – Moderator Plus – DOB 03/28/17
This guy is gorgeous and a real sweetheart.  You can pet him, brush him, and approach him anywhere in pasture.  Great leader to move cattle from pasture to pasture.  His sire is a gorgeous brangus bull. His dam is a beautiful british white (Park)/Aberdeen cross (50%/50%). Must go to a good home. Have had lots of calves and this is a special one and will make someone a wonderful herd sire. Naturally polled. $2500
2. Bar N Surprise – MM34771 – Moderator Plus – DOB 07/31/17
Black baldie with black rings around eyes. Dam is fullblood Aberdeen. Sire is registered Hereford. Laid back and easy going young bull. Naturally polled. $2000

04/15/2019 : Fullblood Bull For Sale

Gene Stewart
408 S. Weaver ST
San Saba, TX  76877
Phone: 325-372-7022
Email – gstewart@centex.net
Registered Full Blood Aberdeen Angus bull.  DOB 09-29-14
For sale ($2,700) or trade for another Registered Full Blood Aberdeen Angus bull of breeding age.  We are keeping some of his heifer offspring and need another blood line.  Have never had any calving problems and have had 100% calf crop for the 2 calf crops that we have gotten from him.  Posey is  gentle and easy to handle.  Comes to cubes every time.  His only diet has been grass with hay & cube supplements during the winter.  Contact me with any questions.  Thanks

04/08/2019 : Fullblood Bull For Sale

Jim Glover
2017 Sugar Mill Lane
Lake Jackson , TX  77566
Phone: 979-299-8376
Email – barjlgrassfarm@hotmail.com
We’re selling our fullblood herd bull HT Sheldon (FM21226).  He is very well tempered and throws low birth weight calves.  In fact, we have never had to assist calving.  He is long bodied and big around the middle as you can tell in the photos.  He got this way from grazing and hay only as his primary diet, but he comes immediately for range cubes.  We have decided to keep one of his heifer calves, so it is time for him to find a new home. $2000.00

03/26/2019 : Fullblood Heifer For Sale

Terry & Karen Adkins
4930 CR 290
Angleton ,TX  77515
Phone: 979-299-2041
Email – tmafarms@gmail.com
Fullblood Heifer calf for sale.  Born 2/2/18, Miss TKF Brandi 4F Reg #FF38575.  Sire is Mr FJL Dugan 6 FM22885 and dam is Miss FJL Britta 28 FF21304.  Asking price $1500.00.

03/13/2019 : Looking for Steers

Todd Parris
14679 FM 244
Iola , TX  77861-4711
Phone: 979-595-3094
Email: todd@noworriescc.com
Wanted: Bull Calves and Steers for my Grass Fed Beef Program.
Looking for Aberdeen and Aberdeen Crosses that have been fed on grass after weaning.
No Grain, Pre-Conditioning or Anti-biotics.

Please call if you have any questions.

Todd Parris
No Worries Cattle Company
14679 FM 244
Iola, TX 77861-4711
Ph: 979-595-3094
Email: todd@noworriescc.com

02/07/2019 : Fullblood Cattle for Sale

Sandra L Myers
1318 Highway 21 East
Paige, TX 78659
Phone: 512-921-7274
Email – slmyers885@aol.com

DOB     Registration Number     Name                                              Price
07/26/12        FM 17548        Mikey M3 204Z                                   $1,500.00
09/01/12        FM 17550        Ralph M3 206Z                                   $1,500.00
02/07/13        FM 38478        Junior M3 301A                                    $600.00
09/06/14        FM 38487        Rusty M3 401B                                   $1,200.00
06/06/16        FM 38486        Labonte M3 601D                                 $1,200.00
07/17/16        FM 38485        Waltrip M3 603D                                 $1,200.00
06/27/17        FM 38809        Dillon M3 702E                                  $1,200.00
12/08/14        FF 38483        Eldora M3403B                                   $1,200.00
09/08/15        FF 38479        Indianapolis M3 503C                            $1,200.00
06/11/16        FF 38482        Richmond M3 602D                                $1,200.00
02/18/06        FF    4201      Charlotte LS 104R                                 $800.00
03/15/18        FM 38810        Harvick                                           $250.00
07/04/15        FF 38480        Freedom M3 502C                                 $1,600.00
04/27/18        FM 38812        MAGA M3 803F                                      $500.00
10/11/14        FF 38481        Texas M3 402B                                   $1,600.00
05/13/18        FM 38813        Biffle M3 804F                                    $500.00
11/11/11        FF 16384        Danica M3 109Y                                  $1,600.00
06/06/18        FF 38814        Tacoma M3 805F                                    $250.00
05/01/15        FF 38484        Tammy Jo                                        $1,600.00
04/15/18        FF 38811        Sara Lee M3 802F                                  $800.00
06/03/03        FF 3680         EZ Scarlett 50N                                   $800.00
07/20/18        FF 38815        Liberty M3 806F                                   $800.00

Total Individul Listed Prices                                                   $23,100.00

Entire Herd Price (Includes all animals listed above)                           $20,000.00

02/05/2019 : Cattle For Sale

Ross Pfeifer
102 Blaschke Road
Comfort , TX  78013
Phone: 2104457293
Email – rosspfeifer@hotmail.com
Fullblood and percentage cattle available.  Red, Black or White.  Fullblood heifers start at $1600.  Bred cows start at $2300.  Bulls start at $1800.  Don’t miss this opportunity to start your herd or add to it with some of the highest quality Aberdeen genetics that are out there.  Individual pictures and videos are available upon request.  OR…Come out and visit us.  Visit www.R54Lowlines.com for just a sample of what we have to offer

12/26/2018 : Fullblood Bull For Sale

Lee and Kacey Butcher
Address: 4500 Bucks Run Rd
City: Mason
State/Prov: TX
Zip/Postal Code: 76856
Phone: 325-347-7530
Email – leebutcher123@gmail.com
We have two full blood bull calves for sale or would trade for a % heifer.  we will be keeping one of the calves to be our own herd bull. Both are registered and fertility tested. Asking $1700.00 DOB  7/7/17 and 8/28/17

12/17/2018 : Mixed lot for sale

Brian K Jackson
184 County Road 525
Sweeny, TX  77480
Phone: 9797996361
Email – k_land7@yahoo.com
1) fullblood pair (2 month blk heifer)
1) 3/4 heavy-bred
1) 3/4 light-bred
1) fullblood red yearling heifer
1) millennium 2000 XC-20 seman tank w/ approximately 12 straws of quality bloodline semen.
Can #1 Midshipman – Cane# 206 -Qty 1 (1/2 CC Size) Can #2 Ausmerica Xtreme 012 – Cane# LO01304 – Qty 2 Can# 3 Fiddleleaf Red Ivan (FM 31828) – Qty 4 Can#4 Bonanza’s Rob Roy – Cane #LO527 – Qty 5 Can#5 Dusty Cane# 56LO004- Qty 2 Can#6 Demolition – Cane# Lo002 – Qty 2 @ Goode Cattle AI

$8000 for everything

10/12/2018 :

Justin Turley
Address: 1156 Deer Forest Dr W
City: Pipe Creek
State/Prov: TX
Zip/Postal Code: 78063
Phone: 615-605-6006
Email – jdturley@justinturley.com
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Justin Turley Graphic Design
(615) 605-6006

08/24/2018 : Web Sites, Logos & Graphic Design Services

Justin Turley
1156 Deer Forest Dr W
Pipe Creek, TX 78063
Phone: 615-605-6006

Have cows but no web site? Need a logo? Need business cards? With over 12 years\’ experience, we can meet your graphic design needs for these and more, including: brochures, letterhead, flyers, photo retouching, magazine ads, web ads & graphics, car decals, billboards, and much more