SABA Board

  • SABA Executive Board

    Lisa Forsyth-President

    Dustin Debose-Vice President

    Barbie Barton-Treasurer

    Chris Spears-Secretary


  • SABA Regional Directors

    Wes Gunn

    Bert Cloete

    Billy Kniffen

    Kenny Hinds

    Jonai Thomas

  • SABA Jr Officers
    President: Jacob Spear
    Vice President/Elect.: Wyatt McHam
    Secretary: Caleb Spear
    Treasurer: Colby Prince
    Reporter: Keira Short

Club Mandate

EDUCATION: about the American Aberdeen breed, best practices in buying, selling, and raising.
PROMOTION: of the breed and of our region's breeders
STANDARDS: setting ideals for our cattle and for our association members
COMMUNICATION: working together to build a strong market and a trusted product
INTEGRITY: commitment to honesty and fairness with each other and with everyone with whom we deal.