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Members may list cattle related and equipment classified ads for FREE. Members and Non-members may list full blood and percentage semen ads for a fee. The fee structure is outlined below. After filling out the email form, you will be directed to pay through PayPal. We will then validate your ad and post it. No semen ads will be posted until payment is received.

NOTE: To have your ad verified, complete payment right away. If you need to come back to pay, return to this page and CLICK HERE.

Please complete the form below to advertise your cattle, equipment or semen for sale! Select the radio button for the type of ad you are posting:

Members Bull Semen Ad Pricing (Full & Associate Members only)

  • 1st Bull Listed - $200
  • 2 Bulls listed - $375
  • 3 Bulls Listed - $525
  • 4 Bulls Listed - $650
  • 5 Bulls Listed - $750
  • 6th Bull Listed - FREE
  • Each additional Bull listed above 6 - $100

Non-Members Bull Semen Ad Pricing

  • Each Bull listed is $300

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You may upload .jpg or .png files, but please NOTE - Only upload files that are no larger than 1 MB in size (approximately 800 pixels wide x 600 pixels high would be ideal). Larger files are not able to be submitted through the form (and .png pictures are often quite large). If your file is larger than 1 MB (1024 pixels x 1024 pixels), please attach it separately in an email to and reference the ad it is for.