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I hope the New Year is starting out right for everyone. In Alvin TX., all I can say is what I should never say is we have had too much rain. I sure wish I could send some of it to the people who really need it. I thought my grandpa was going to get mad when I bogged the tractor down in the mud while I was trying to put a round bale out. He just laughed when he got home, and showed me how to get it out. I think it was because he saw me slip twice before we got to the tractor in the mud. We have not seen it this bad in a while.

The 2014 year was a great year for Aberdeens. In Oklahoma, the juniors where showing at the Expo for the first time as a breed, and also at the State Fair as well. In New Mexico, Courtney and her sister Zoe took top owners over all the breeds with their Aberdeen heifers at the county fair, which says a lot. In Texas the Aberdeens made a major impact in the TJLA and the Brazoria County Fair. At the Brazoria County Fair the Aberdeens had to show in the ORB class due to politics because they wanted to see the numbers first. Not only did we outnumber all the breeds in the British and Continental, we even outnumbered most of the American Aberdeens. It was the fullblood Aberdeen that took the Reserve British Breed All-Around Champion. This is a show where over three hundred heifers our shown. Then on the TJLA show circuit, the Aberdeens reached the 20 junior numbers, and was also the major breed at several shows. For the first time, if you did not have at least 1100 points, you did not make the top ten. This may not sound like much, but if you compare the Aberdeen points to most of the more established breeds, which had members with much less than 1000 points to make the top ten for their breeds. The Aberdeens are starting to look up, so no more of that talk about not enough competition. Most of all, what will surprise a lot of our Aberdeen people is the fact that most all of the Aberdeens showing in the TJLA are either purebreds or fullbloods. Try not to bring a Aberdeen that does not look like an Angus in the ring here because you will find yourself at the bottom of the lineup. We are playing by the same rules as everyone else. Most important of all, the Aberdeen people are helping each other and are also having fun.

I would like to congratulate our members who made the top ten in the state. Maggie Isgren, Ashley Naquin, Kamryn Glaze, Anthony Naquin, Christopher Garcia, Turner Schiel, Tucker Schiel, Johnna Williams, and Tate Schiel. I hope all of you remembered that I was going to run for the Region 4 Senior Buckle. I took first place with over 1000 points over the person in second place, and I did it with all Aberdeens. I used a fullblood from Mr. Parris herd, a purebred and also a 68% from Mr. Bowles. The 68% I used in the ORB class, which I finished No. 6 in the top ten. I also ended up No. 8 in the All-Around for all breeds. I know I am talking a lot about myself, but I gave everyone fair warning last year saying what my plans where for 2014, and I fulfilled them even more than I expected. You can bet I will rub it in, that I did it with All Aberdeens and I also would probably hold the world record for taking Aberdeens in the most show rings. Since 2010, when I started with Vicky, a fullblood that I borrowed from Mr. Watkins, I have shown in 254 rings. You can rest assure that I have been talking about Aberdeens the whole time. We all still have a lot of ground to cover, if we are to prove that the Aberdeen breed is here to help all cattlemen, and show that this is not a breed to make fun of. I took a lot of ribbon from the judges on down when I first switched to Aberdeens from Beefmasters. That does not happen anymore, but if a judge does make a negative comment about Aberdeens don't let my grandpa hear it or that judge won’t leave the ring at the end of the show till he has a few words with him. I have to say when he gets finished with them, that judge will not make that mistake again. All of you know what I am talking about, but if we just stand by and hope for the best the Aberdeen breed will never get anywhere. If we do not tell our story no one will hear it, I learned a lot growing up, when the Beefmasters where serious on promotion of the breed, and now they are in the top 5 in the nation, and No.1 or No.2 at the Texas Junior Majors. For the youth, their top selling point to the youth was disposition. I am here to tell everyone that they have nothing when you compare that trait to Aberdeens.

In closing, I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. I will no longer be an officer for the SABA Juniors since I have finished my rotation and want to make room for others. I will be entering my senior year in high school, and plan to attend Texas A & M in Galveston and majoring as an Engineering Technician. I still will be showing Aberdeens in the TJLA, but I will let someone else have a turn winning the buckle. Last, I cannot say enough to for everyone to get the word out about Aberdeens every chance you get. We will never get a piece of the pie if all we do is stand around, and watch everyone else do the work. Go Aberdeens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,

Andrew Teague